Chairman's speech

In the face of global and regional economic and policy challenges, people are often asked: How do companies survive the fierce competition? My answer to this question is in four letters: T. E. A. M.-团队

Magrabi Agriculture and its brand "MAFA" are built on teamwork,From agronomists to accountants,From the farm laborer to the lab technician to the marketing manager to the CEO,Everyone plays an important role in their different positions,We all know that you can move a stone with one hand,But together, you can move a mountain,That's what they say, "Many hands make light work."。

Agriculture, especially export agriculture, is a very beautiful industry because it ultimately serves customers, makes customers happy, helps to improve the balance of national trade, and also creates jobs and platforms for everyone。At the same time, of course,And we need to pay for it,Including high investment capital and strong will and patience,There is also the need to invest in people and technology in terms of money, time and effort,And this investment in human resources is very important,Because proper investment in people can bring very considerable benefits,Agriculture, or any other business, lives and grows like a plant,It requires precise care and attention,Only in order to flourish and achieve a thriving scene。

Looking to the future, we at Maghrebi Agri will continue to be committed to continuous improvement to provide better service to our customers;We will continue to make new investments in agricultural products, land and community development and other projects, and may God bless us as we continue to grow and strengthen!

We will not hesitate to carry on our cause to the end!

Life is good!

Your partner
Sharif al-Magrabi